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WOD Wednesday 1st April

KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't that fun!

Okay, the real WOD!


- Use barbell, DB or KB

Every 3mins x 5 sets

10 reps each side - between sets do 15 setups.


Every 3 mins for 4 rounds - pick an option that suits equipment and skill level

Between sets 15 sit-ups

a) Max reps weighted pull-up + max BW Pull-up

b) Max reps BW Pull-up + max reps banded pull-up

c) Max reps BW pull-up + Max reps ring pulls

d) Max reps ring pull/bench pull

3) Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk + Running Ladder

200m Run + 20 reps

200m Run + 18 reps

200m Run + 16 reps etc until

200m Run + 2 reps DONE.

Ideally you will use 2 DBs, if not a barbell at approx 40/30kg, otherwise scale again to 1 DB or 1KB. Make sure you alternate at the halfway point of reps - e.g for 20 reps do 10 left then 10 right side.

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