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WOD WEDNESDAY 15th September

Each week we are going to start sharing some podcast links to things we (the coaches) find interesting, useful, insightful or amusing! Hoping to open up some discussion and thoughts across a variety of topics!

Today's link is about inflammation, obesity and how food can be shaped by politics or in response to large global events. It's quite interesting on a number of levels!


1) 10min AMRAP

10m Handtsand walk (5m or 1 wall walk)

10 situps

Rest 5 mins

2) Get as far as possible in 20 mins

1 HSPU 200m run

2 HSPU 200m run

3 HSPU 200m run etc

Try to start strict and when the numbers are get too big then you can kip. Kipping ONLY allowed for those who have RXD strict HSPU. Otherwise scale with abmat/abmat plate or to a strict press. Run hard (to get the optimal stimulus from this workout).

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