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WOD Thursday 11th June

Guess what? It's our birthday Month! Not a great time of year to be throwing a party - but we actually turned 8 on June 1st! Now, I do love a party, and really I think we all need something to look forward to so THERE WILL BE SOME FESTIVITIES to celebrate this milestone- I'm aiming for July sometime! So yes, Happy Birthday Desire!

1) 15min Gymnastics Skill Practice

- Ring Muscle Up Practice

- Ring Dip

- Kipping Pull-up

- Strict Pull-Up (negatives)

If you are proficient in the muscle up you will do the following:

10 rounds every 90seconds - pick your own reps.

i.e 2 reps every 90 secs for 10 rounds.


5 rounds each of:

300/250m Row

10 Burpee Over Rower

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