WOD Tuesday 9th MARCH

The CrossFit Open starts this week! The first workout will be released this Friday and will then run over the next 3 weeks.

Our day for completing workouts will be MONDAYS. This means all classes across Monday will give you an opportunity to compete and log a score in this year's CrossFit Open! Classes will run the event in heats with a counter assigned and judges present (the coaches). All will be explained as the first workout gets released.

We are super excited to see you all give this a crack and anticipate alot of you surprising yourselves with what you can do! 🤗


1) Clean and jerk 20min EMOM

On the min x 20 singles

Building for 10 mins and then 10 heavy singles!

2) EMOM x 10 mins

Handstand walk from edge of mat plus 5 HSPU

Scale to:

- 5 HSPU plus practice handstand walk in remaining time in the minute

- JUST do 5 HSPU and scale as needed

- 5 DB strict press

3) 500m row for time.

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