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WOD Tuesday 5th May

Hope you all enjoyed a few extra freedoms this long weekend. With any luck things might start resuming a normal pattern over the coming weeks. There is likely to be a re-evaluation of all closures on May 15th so fingers crossed this is good news for us too! Thanks for all your support throughout this time and keep up the good work training from home!


Pause Backsquat - pause at bottom of the squat (at least a 2 count pause.)

Every 3mins


Between sets (in rest period) do 10 strict pull-ups/ring pulls. If ring pulls are very easy and no pull-up bar then add a pause at top and bottom of the movement. Time under tension and tempo work is a great way to build strength without load. (Incidentally this applies to the squats too - if you don't have enough weight to do these as heavy as they should be, increase reps and make sure the pause is long enough. 2-3 seconds.)


"Ring Pull Fran"


Thrusters 40/30kg

Ring Pulls

Pick a weight you can DEFINITELY go unbroken on Thrusters. This is about SPEED, going unbroken and fast!

SCALING: if you don't have access to bar or rings, sub for push-ups. If you don't have a barbell do thrusters with KB or DB.


5km Row - 20min Bike/Airy - 5km Run

Row intervals - 200m sprint, 300 moderate, 200m sprint, 300 moderate etc

Bike intervals - Same thing bike 200m hard, 300 moderate/recover

Run intervals - as above, run hard then recover jog

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