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WOD Tuesday 28th April

1) Strict Press 8-8-8-8-8

If you do not have a barbell you can do this with KB, DB and if you only have one appropriate weight you can do 8 left then 8 right arm.

2) 75 Ring Dips for time

Each min on min do 10 Toes to Bar or 15 sit-ups.

Workout done when all 75 ring dips are completed.

SCALING: you can scale the dips to using 1 band or you can scale completely to push-ups for those that don't have rings. If you have parallel bars or a stationary dip area you can use this also.

If you take too long to do the 10 T2B or 15 S/Ups please scale these to an appropriate number say 5 T2B or 10 sit-ups so you still have time to complete dips in the remainder of the minute.

3) 15min AMRAP

5 Strict HSPU (use 1 abmat, or scale to strict press)

10 Box jumps 24/20"

15 Leg Raises

RXD+ add a weight vest.

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