WOD Tuesday 24th March

Well, welcome to the COVID 19 new style CrossFit Desire! We now offer online programming and for the first few days while we help you set up your home gyms, the programming will utilise what you might have. After Wednesday the programming will gain some momentum and a but more variety! For details on how to borrow the gear, head to the Desire team page on facebook or contact Sonja!


Do all or some of this as equipment and location provides!

1) Find a football field

Run the sideline and then walk the touchline

Do 10 laps of this!

Run hard and walk fast!

2) Spend 10mins practicing HS Holds and HS Walks. You could also progress to trying some freestanding HSPU if your skill allows. If you can walk - try a 10min EMOM of "X" distance HS Walk

3) Perform AMRAPS back to back!

7min AMRAP

10 Strict HSPU

10 Leg Raises

10 Glute Bridges

5min AMRAP

10 V-Ups

50 Singles


Use this time to work on your niggles, weaknesses and tight spots! This will then make it easy to return to full training when these shutdowns are done!

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