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WOD Tuesday 23rd November

You know what makes us happy? Not only seeing you in the gym regularly, but also GETTING OUTSIDE and using your fitness as part of life! Run dates with friends, hiking with friends, wake parks, running clubs, triathlons, adventure races, even hitting up globo gyms with mates- all of this makes me happy to see you integrating fitness as part of your daily lifestyle! Actions become habits and fitness is a great habit! Keep it up!

1) 12 mins EMOM


Goal is to find 1RM for the day!!

2) 5 rounds of

EMOM 45 on, 15 off

Min 1: push press @ 60% 1RM

Min 2: ring dips

Min 3: strict pullups

Min 4: rest

3) 3 min AMRAP


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