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WOD Thursday 7th May


a) BenchPress every 2:00

5-5-5-5 PAUSE REPS (pause is with bar on chest for 2 secs)

b) Bench Press every 2:30

5-5-5-5 Normal Bench (this should be heavier than part a)

2) "JT"

21-15-9 reps for time:

Handstand Push-Ups (1ab, 1ab+plate, DB Strict press)

Ring Dips (bands or use a bench for bench dips)

Push-Ups (off edge of box/bench/chair, knees)

You have the option of strict or kipping handstand push-ups for this. Choose something that is challenging for you. As always, NO KIPPING HSPU unless you have mastered strict ones. Protect yourself, your neck and your future!


3 rounds of:

1min plank hold

1min left side plank hold

1min right side plank hold

1min rest

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