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WOD Thursday 2nd April

Staying focused!

It can be and will be hard to stay focused on your training and health through this COVID-19 period. We encourage you to write a few short term goals whilst in this period and work towards those! Maybe its learn to double under, maybe you can focus on your handstand holds or walks, maybe your goals is to train every day for 30mins...whatever your goals, MAKE SOME it will keep you accountable and on track during this time 😊


1) Spend 7mins working on single skips, double Unders, triple Unders

2) 15mins of Handstand Skills

- work on kicking up to a wall

- practice wall supported holds

- practice wall walks

- TRY free standing holds

- TRY the hold and shoulder taps sequence shared during the week

Between HS attempts, also work on hollow hold and L-sit holds.


If you have a bike or rower:

50-40-30-20-10 Cal

With 15 Burpees after each set of calories

I.e 50 cal then 15 burpees

No bike or rower? That's ok!

You will do 5 rounds

400m run

15 Burpees

On house isolation? Can't Run

5 rounds:

100 Double Unders (200 singles)

15 Burpees

4) MOBILITY- check out the video in the forum section of the app, follow it! NOW is the perfect time to make mobility gains. START stretching, rolling, mobilising!

A little video refresher on wall walks!

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