WOD Thursday 25th February

It's nearly time for this years CrossFit Open! The first event gets released on March 11th and it's now time to start getting you all registered!

Click the link below to register and don't forget the Open is suitable for ALL ABILITIES! We also think it is a great way to test yourself, see what you have gained, where you need to improve and help motivate your training for the year!

It's also a super fun community and gym event and we often find people hit PB's due to the cool atmosphere and cheering from everyone - so get on board and register today!

1) 15min working on:

- Handstand walk

- handstand walk with obstacles

- Handstand holds and progressions


10 min AMRAP

10 cal bike

10 v-ups

2) In teams of 4

Get as far as possible in 24 min

Row cal + push-ups

10+10, 12+12, 14+14, 16+16 etc

Person 1 rows hard, gets off and does pushups.

As soon as the rower is free get on and start rowing, stay in order!

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