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WOD Monday 11th May

We have a date! Yay! At this stage if all goes to plan with the government and state plans to slowly ease restriction we will be able to resume some classes from Sat 13th June! Not long now and we strongly encourage you to keep positive and hopefully this end date bring some focus and motivation for getting (staying) fit for return to normal!


5 rounds for MAX REPS:

Max reps bodyweight benchpress

Max reps Pull-ups- kipping or butterfly

Keep accountable with your time so loosely do a round every 5mins.

– Beginner: <100 reps

– Intermediate: 125-225 reps

– Advanced: 250-350 reps

– Elite: 400+ reps


1) If you can do 10+ strict pull-ups in a row then do it strict!

2) Scale pull-ups to ring pulls or use bands for assistance

3) Scale to 75% or 50% body weight for the bench press

4) MAX REPS means doing as many reps as you can until failure. If you rack the bar, or jump off the pull-up bar this means you are done for that round.

2) 7min AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 KB Swings 32/24kg

20 Double Unders (40 singles)


a) 10mins working on Ring Muscle Up Transitions, practice

and dip out motions


10min EMOM Ring Muscle Up

b) 7min AMRAP

5 Strict HSPU

10 Leg Raises

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