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WOD Friday 8th May

1) DEATH BY....

This refers to doing 1 rep or calorie in min 1, 2 in minute 2, 3 in minute 3 etc until you can no longer do the required number of calories in the same minute.

Death by Calories on Rower or Bike

rest 5 mins

Death by Kettlebell Swings

- start this at 5 reps - so in minute 1 do 5 reps, min 2 6 reps, min 3 7 reps etc.

2) "Iso Fight Gone Bad!"

Accumulate as many reps in 60 seconds of each movement. Transition quickly and pick a weight/scaling you can do with ease.

3 rounds of:

Min 1- Jumping lunges (lunges, sub to sit-ups if you can't lunge)

Min 2- Burpees

Min 3- Box Jumps 20" (scale to step-ups)

Min 4- DB Snatch 22.5/15kg

Min 5- Air Squats

REST 1 minute.

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