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WOD FRIDAY 24th April

Today we will have two options. We want to program some olympic lifting for this eof you that have barbells and experience. So today you can choose either option A or Option B depending on your equipment/skill level.

OPTION A: Olympic Lifting Complex

30min EMOM

2 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squat

NOTES: Start light!! use this as an opportunity to work on your bar path, speed under the bar and movement patterns. If you can snatch but know that you cannot OHS you could adapt this complex into 4 Power Snatch instead.


Cycle the bar close to the body

Work on speed into the receiving position

Pause at the bottom of the OHS to ensure correct position

Make reps NICE - do not rush to add weight.

OPTION B: Cardio Piece

5 rounds of:

1000m Row or Run

2min rest

GOALS: Go hard fo each 1km interval. Try to keep your times close together, but don't coast.

If you have an AIRBIKE then you can do 5 rounds of 2km air bike.

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