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WOD Friday 15th MAY

WE ARE BACK!!! ...ok, sort of! But pleased to announce that we can run bootcamp style sessions and will start these on Saturday! We will be running a 7am and 8am class, bookings via the services tab on the app and website! Spaces are limited, if you miss out we may run a 3rd timeslot - contact us if you have missed out. REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing you all again - the locations of these sessions will be advised to those attending and will vary from week to week!


Accumulate 10mins of Plank Hold

Every time you break you must stop the clock and perform 30 sit-ups and 30 flutter kicks then resume your accumulation of 10mins.

If your core is not up to this combo - sub out one of the 30's for 60 double under or 100 single skips!


- Barbell Press 5-5-5-5-5

- DB Press 8-8-8-8 (do 8 reps each side, single arm)

- Negative Pull-Ups

10 reps of a 15second lower! Use weight if possible.

- Bicep Curls

normal - 10-10 (10 each arm)

hammer curl - 10-10 (10 each arm)

- DOUBLE TABATA PUSHUPS - YESSSS you can use these for the #pushupchallenge

16 rounds, 20on, 10off


10min AMRAP Burpees @ top of each minute do 14 lunges.

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