Weekend Programming 25/26th March

Saturday training special! This one has a few more elements, if you can't do it all in one session spread it out across the weekend!

We know these are challenging and interesting times, we encourage you all to keep going with your physical activity - it will help not only your fitness, but also your mental health! Keep those endorphins flowing - and remember a lot of this online programming doesn't require equipment so there really is NO EXCUSE!

1) Kettlebell or DB Row

10-10-10-10-10 (each arm)

If you only have a light weight - then increase the rep scheme but make sure to do the same amount each side ;)

2) PULL-UPS Every 3 mins

Max reps pull-ups - rest remainder of the 3 mins. Ideally unbroken!

Do 5 rounds of this.

Get creative if you don't have a rig. Head to the playground and use the monkey bars - DO STRICT PULL-UPS in this case. If you can't do pull-ups try ring pulls or parallel bar pulls at the park.

3) SIDE PLANK - pick the option that best suits your ability!

30 secs/side 1 min rest x 10min

45 secs/side 30 sec rest x 10min

60 secs/side NO REST x 10min

4) ROWER /AIRY - if you have these at home do this!!

7 rounds every 2:30min

20/15cal SPRINT

To get the most out of this you need to SPRINT HARD!

5) "ANNIE"

Classic benchmark workout here!


Double Unders (2x single skips)


6) Have a Super Lovely weekend! :)

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