Monday 26th April

No actual workout today, but we would love to see you all spending some time on active recovery!

What is active recovery? Think going for a walk, a gentle bike ride or run, a swim and then follow with about 30mins of dedicated stretching and foam rolling! You could also spend some time working on core stability, think front and side planks and hollow holds!

Your body will thank you for this and you will be better for it this coming week!

Stretching Inspiration!

  • Wall straddle

  • Couch stretch

  • Lying down hamstring stretch

  • Pigeon or figure 4

  • Saddle stretch

  • Frog stretch

  • Pec stretch

  • Pretzel stretch for shoulders

  • Downward dog

  • Eagle arms

  • Snow Angel

  • Tricep stretch

  • Wall sphinx stretch

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