Our head coach Sonja, has been involved in the fitness and health industry for 15 years. She is not only a qualified CrossFit coach, but with degrees in Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy she is a wealth of knowledge on health, fitness and injury rehabiltation.
Passionate about all things fitness, health and living a healthier, stronger life she is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Our other head coach and chief programmer Chris, has also been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years! Passionate about performance, with a strong history in all things sporting from car racing, to adventure racing and in more recent years CrossFit, Chris is passionate about building stronger, fitter and faster humans!
Chris has a varied interest in sports and draws upon his vast experience across many sports and more recently a CrossFit Regionals appearance to deliver a program that is varied, exciting and produces amazing results.


Michelle is not only a coach at Desire, she is also our head gymnastics specialist! With a history in high level gymnastics and cheer-leading, she brings a vast knowledge of the important gymnastic shapes, positions and strength required to excel in this arena. She is a bubbly, super dedicated athlete and has been a member of a number of our competition teams. An experienced and valued member of our coaching team she will help you achieve your fitness goals!


Meet Bre - one of the newest additions to our coaching team, her bubbly enthusiasm for all things fitness is infectious! With impeccable form, a passion for health and fitness Bre is a wonderful asset to our coaching staff! If you are looking for inspiration for moving better, improving your skill set in gymnastics and enhancing your accessory skills come and see Bre!


Jesse has returned to our coaching staff following a stint in Canada, where he learnt many new tricks and skills! With a bucket load of enthusiasm and a super hard work ethic, Jesse can inspire you to train hard, work hard and build yourself into a fitter, stronger and more resilient athlete. He's an asset to our team and is ready to help you on your fitness journey!


Calvin has been with us since day 1- starting as a CrossFit coach whilst completing his Physiotherapy degree. Now fully qualified as a physiotherapist and as a Weightlifting Coach, with level 1 Strength & Conditioning qualifications, he runs our weekly lifting classes. An amazing lifter himself, Cal can teach you all the finer points of improving this skill set and Wednesday's with Cal are not to be missed!



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